FactsWise is a research-based approach to teaching basic facts fluency that prioritizes 5s, 10s, and part-whole thinking (Common Core Level 3 thinking).  Students who experience FactsWise teaching for 5 to 15 minutes every day have been found to be substantially more flexible and fluent with their basic facts than students using worksheets and timed tests. See Investigating a Research-Based Approach to Basic Facts Acquisition (Henry, 2008) for findings.

FactsWise starts with whole-class learning experiences, engaging students with each goal first through hands-on (concrete) activities, then helping students learn to create and interpret representations, and finally moving to abstract practice activities.

To learn more about FactsWise or to schedule a FactsWise inservice, please contact:
  •   Valerie Henry at ellipsismath@gmail.com.
FactsWise online e-courses are now available for both addition/subtraction and multiplication/division at www.factswise.thinkific.com. The e-courses include:
  • detailed mini-lesson descriptions
  •  video of teachers and students working on FactsWise
  • teachers sharing their insights and recommendations
  • classroom tips about academic language supports, managing manipulatives, supporting struggling students, and much more
  • PDFs of both the Resource Book with Activity Progressions and the Goal-by-Goal Blackline Masters 300+ page book
  • The opportunity to earn a Completion Certificate that will allow you to work with Brandman University to earn 3 or 4 professional development credits

FactsWise Resource Books can be purchased separately at www.factswise.thinkific.com. If you are thinking about enrolling in a FactsWise e-course, please note that the Resource Books are included in the price of the e-course and you will be able to download them directly from the e-courses at www.factswise.thinkific.com.

We also invite you to visit the FactsWise blog to learn more about classroom activities to help your students become more flexible and fluent with their basic facts.

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