FactsWise is a research-based approach to teaching basic facts fluency that prioritizes 5s, 10s, and part-whole thinking (Common Core Level 3 thinking).  Students who experience FactsWise teaching for 5 to 15 minutes every day have been found to be substantially more flexible and fluent with their basic facts than students using worksheets and timed tests. See Investigating a Research-Based Approach to Basic Facts Acquisition (Henry, 2008) for findings.

FactsWise starts with whole-class learning experiences, engaging students with each goal first through hands-on (concrete) activities, then helping students learn to create and interpret representations, and finally moving to abstract practice activities.

To learn more about FactsWise or to schedule a FactsWise inservice, please contact:
  •   Valerie Henry at ellipsismath@gmail.com.

FactsWise Resource Books can be purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers:

We also invite you to visit the FactsWise blog to learn more about classroom activities to help your students become more flexible and fluent with their basic facts.

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